The official novel of the best Science Fiction narrative game!
T.I.M.E Stories
T.I.M.E Stories

Christophe LAMBERT


Year 2468. Spotted by a recruiter, Tess Haiden passed with flying colours the many tests required to join a highly-secretive organisation.
She is in for a shock: T.I.M.E Agency has been sending agents through time for several years. Thanks to considerable resources, they prevent anomalies and paradoxes by dispatching their agents to different eras and places around the world.
But over the course of her many missions, Tess learns that they are not the only ones using time corridors, and starts wondering about the true nature and goals of the agency…
THE GAME - T.I.M.E Stories was created in 2015 and quickly won over thousands of lovers of narrative games across the world.
THE BOOK - Written in close collaboration with the game’s creators, the novel offers new perspectives on this fabulous universe, appealing to fans as well as beginners.
BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY - In each country, local game publishers are committed to promote the novel.

Key points

  • 300,000 copies of the board game sold worldwide: at least 1 million potential readers
  • An effective tale perfectly fitting with the game timeline
  • Cross-promotion guarantied with the distributor of the game in each country!
65 000 words

English detailed synopsis available

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