"A masterpiece"

Le Monde




1965. Bogged down in Vietnam, the United States is also under fire on home soil in an unprecedented crisis marked by protests, riots, and an explosion of police violence. Twenty million African-Americans are harassed, discriminated against, and neglected on a daily basis.
After the assassination of Malcolm X, the black community is torn between hatred and the non-violent protest preached by Martin Luther King. The Black Panther Party suddenly appears on the scene. It defies racist America, arms thousands of its militants, and provides support for the people of the ghettos. A revolution is in the making.
The government declares war on the Black Panthers, a ruthless war that will utterly change the lives of Charlene, a young militant, Neil, a police officer, and Tyrone, an FBI infiltrator. None of them, nor indeed the entire country, will be spared the ravages of the sixties.

Key points

  • A powerful and visceral novel that could not be more topical
  • Alternating viewpoints providing varied perspectives on a major chapter of American history
  • Convincing dialogue and very visual writing give the novel rhythm and great evocative force
100 000 words

Sample chapters available in English