As the world falls apart around them, where can they go?
Apocalypse Blues
Apocalypse Blues



Their names are Kiran, Matthey, Tobias and Charly.
They are fourteen, twenty, ten, and sixteen years old.
They live in India, Australia and Utah.
They are children of the same world, a world where, suddenly, everything is going wrong. Tornadoes, tsunamis and floods: climate disruption is as drastic as the irresponsibility that precipitated it, and the consequences are cataclysmic.
Caught up in the turmoil and left to their own devices, all four of them embark on a long journey, fleeing hostile lands and human folly in search of their families, safer places and, above all, in the hope that a better life is still possible, somewhere.
An uncompromising science fiction novel that brings to life the reality of an international ecological disaster through the eyes of four young people who can count only on themselves to survive.
Book 1 A Time of Devastation
Book 2 The Luck of the Hanged
Book 3 Forthcoming in October 2019

Key points

  • A very topical theme: global warming
  • A gifted author with a vivid, incisive style
  • Breath-taking pace, an unputdownable page-turner
100 000 words per book