Two teenagers exchange letters.
One lives in 2014… the other in 1914.

A century lies between them…

Adrien and Hadrien are two thirteen-year-old boys and they live only a few kilometres from one another in northern France. They both have problems in school, at home, and with girls, like most boys their age. There’s only one thing that sets them apart: Adrien lives in the year 2014, and Hadrien in 1914.

But magic intervenes in...

42 Days

Silène EDGAR

Three months in Brittany: the perfect summer holiday, or a secret plan by their parents to keep them safe from the war?

Twelve-year-old Sacha and his little brother Jacob are surprised and delighted to go on holiday earlier than planned, even before the school year is finished. The two young Parisians are even more delighted to be staying in their uncle’s boarding house, a manor by the sea in Brittany.

Their stay there, however, does not quite turn out to be the holiday camp they had...

Adèle and the Wedding of Queen Margot

Silène EDGAR

Between 2015 and 1572, Adèle must choose.

Adèle is fed up with her parents, who never understand anything and insist that she keep studying when she could be out having fun with her friends. So, when she finds out she has to read an entire book during her holidays, it’s just too much!

But little by little, Adèle lets herself be carried away by her reading, to the point that she dreams about...

Adventurous Constance

Éléonore FERNAYE

It seems that stubbornness is a family trait…

London, 1791. Fleeing Paris and the bloody events that followed Louis XVI’s own attempt to leave France, Constance d’Arsac takes refuge in the British capital. Resolved to join her sister in the United States, she manages to convince sea captain John Hadley to take her to her destination.

The crossing promises to be tumultuous, for everything opposes this...

After the Storm

Suzanne ROY

A story that will break your heart before filling it with hope

In a few short hours, Charlotte’s life has turned upside down. Just when she was about to announce to her fiancé that she was pregnant, he was killed in a motorcycle accident. Now she finds herself alone with her doubts, the emptiness that Alex left behind him, and an impossible decision to make – whether or not to keep the child.

Amid this turmoil, Charlotte...

All at Sea

Tatiana DUBLIN
She believed it was a weakness, but love can be the greatest strength of all
May 1837. Ann Blackson, a rich British heiress, is out of place in high society because of her unconventional behaviour. She nonetheless agreed to a marriage of convenience with a cousin. When he inexplicably flees to the United States shortly before their wedding day, she is determined to find him and hastily boards a departing ship. But far from a luxury vessel,...



‘One of these very rare books we devour again and again’

The Kingdom of Almoha is divided into two parts by an impassable wall.
In the North, humans have turned into monsters, starving as they crawl in the mud. Nath spends his days fighting relentless sentinels and demons lurking in the fog. Too young to die and unwilling to become a monster himself, he has only one way out: if he wants to survive, he has to go over the wall. No one knows...


Mathias MOUCHA

A nightmarish story that will keep you holding your breath right up until final full stop.

Mathieu thought he was embarking on a quick trip to the Czech Republic, long enough to wrap up of the affairs of his grandfather, who has just died, and maybe have a beer in a typical Prague pivnice along with his brother, his nephew and a friend. But as soon as he sets foot in his ancestors’ sinister village, his escapade turns into a nightmare.

From the deep heart of...


Sara Agnès L.

A sexy and provocative erotic romance by a rising star in the genre

Newly engaged and an editor of young-adult fiction, Annabelle is faced with a daunting challenge: how to tame John, her publishing house’s hottest author, specializing in S&M erotic novels. This intriguing and charismatic man is very demanding in his choice of the people with whom he is willing to work. Convinced that she has no expertise in this field and that he will never agree...

Apocalypse Blues

As the world falls apart around them, where can they go?
Their names are Kiran, Matthey, Tobias and Charly.
They are fourteen, twenty, ten, and sixteen years old.
They live in India, Australia and Utah.
They are children of the same world, a world where, suddenly, everything is going wrong. Tornadoes, tsunamis and floods: climate disruption is as drastic as the irresponsibility...


Fabrice COLIN

‘An eclectic, genre-breaking author gifted with an enthralling writing talent.’
France Inter

London, 1872.

In the world of Arcadia, reality takes on the colors of dreams: an idyllic kingdom, bathed in the magic of faerie, where ministers are poets and artists are kings, where the future is taboo and death an unlikely prospect.

One day, however, strange omens disturb the peacefulness of Arcadia’s magnificent capital. Blue-tinged nights, a ghostly...


A city rife with conspiracies and uprising. Yet the greatest threat will come from the outside
Arkane is a labyrinth city governed by seven founding houses with corrupt power concentrated in the Heights, the luxurious upper levels. Court intrigues, poisonings, murders and black magic all take place there. Meanwhile the condemned and outcast are in the Dumps neighborhood.
When some of the houses form an alliance to eliminate the Drac house, this...

Arlis of the Fair

Mélanie FAZI

‘A novel of great charm and undeniable grace.’
Le Monde

Arlis is an eleven year old boy. When you’re eleven the world is full of strange and wondrous things – things like violence and death, which can emerge from nowhere and change your life forever.
Arlis lives with a travelling fairground. There’s Emmett and Lindy, the couple who run the carnival along with Jared, the legless cripple, the gorgeous snake-trainer...

Audacious Sarah

Éléonore FERNAYE

Everything opposes them, and yet…

Maryland, March 1783. After having spent three years serving in a unit of French volunteers sent in aid of the cause of American independence, Louis d’Arsac must carry out a gloomy mission: the restitution to a young woman of an object belonging to her brother, fallen at the battle of Yorktown.

That is how he meets Sarah Hart, a ravishing creature only twenty years in age,...



‘The most ambitious and accomplished work in epic French Fantasy’
Le Monde

The Cyan People are destined to be slaves. The priests read it in the stars, they have been slaves for millennia, and nothing can change it. Or so it’s believed. But when Princess Marikani, the last descendant of the Sorcerer-Kings of Arrethas, rescues a mysterious stranger, Arekh, from a shipwreck everything begins to change.  
Arekh grudgingly agrees to help Marikani...

Bad Romance


A passion between two people damaged by life who will find the hope of salvation in love

The day – or rather, the night – Chris met Kate, things didn’t really go by the book. He drank far too much and wandered into the wrong tent. Furious, she threatened him with a harpoon gun.

But you don’t want to get on the wrong side of a guy like Chris. His bad boy way of life represents everything Kate is trying to avoid. She has had enough problems,...



‘A sombre novel about the horrific destiny of a girl adrift.’

Direct Matin newspaper

One dark Paris night a young woman waits at the Panthéon monument, gripping a bag in her hand. She is Anna-Marie Caravelle, the dreaded redhead, the degenerate, the freak.
When, twenty-four years earlier, Monique Bonneuil secretly took her in, she could not have imagined she was sheltering a monster. A monster she was creating. For the girl,...

Bless you!

Fabrice COLIN

‘Continuously funny and packed with rare inventiveness.’
Le Monde

Welcome to Newdon, a quirky Victorian London, where human and Fantasy creatures live side by side. The favorite sport there is Quartek, a sort of football played by Ogres and Zombies. Alas, the local team is so bad that its coach John Moon thinks about suicide…
His friends are no better: Vaughan, the elf, is the worst magic student ever, and Gloin MacCough, a dwarf, has been...

Block 46


A cool-headed profiler and a glamorous writer joined by a shared obsession with serial killers

Falkenberg, Sweden. Police superintendent Bergström finds the frozen naked body of a woman at Olofsbo beach.

London. A renowned profiler, the taciturn Emily Roy investigates a series of murders of children whose savagely mutilated bodies present the same wounds as the Swedish victim: the throat torn out, the eyes removed, and a mysterious Y carved on one...

Blood Curse


Marie-Antoinette meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Paris in the 21st century.
Louis XXIV is the young king of France, and his fashionable, wealthy nobles amuse themselves in the court of Versailles. Designer crinoline dresses are all the rage, and rich young aristocrats pack the trendy Paris nightclubs. But behind the scenes two rival families vie for power : the Condés, rumoured to be descended from an angel ; and the...



‘A flair for colourful stories, remarkable characters, and extravagant destinies (…) A novel full of noise and fury, strikingly frenetic and saturated with haunting images.’
Le Monde

Europe has been submerged by a mysterious and dangerous liquid substance, known as “ecryme”. Linked by a fragile network of steel tracks, only a few cities rise above this corrosive sea, governed by an oppressive capitalist aristocracy. But despite repression by the regime’s sinister Propaganda ministry, there are stirrings of revolt…
Louise Kechelev is a...


Emmanuelle NUNCQ

‘A book with style and personality. Fresh and exciting !’
Place to be

In the imaginary kingdom of Borderedge, the rules of fiction reign supreme and swashbuckling characters abound.
Violette, a bored librarian who would love reading about just this kind of extravagant universe, is fed up with the tedium of her own life.
That isn’t the case with Roxane, heiress to the throne of Borderedge, now pursued by pirates working for the usurper...

By a Hair

Bald at 17,
school pariah forever?...
Matthéo is in his senior year of high school and is a totally normal boy… until premature baldness sets in. His life quickly becomes hell. Not only does he become the favourite target for bullies, but he also loses any hope of catching the eye of the beautiful Suraya.
His cousin decides to help and makes him wear a...



'As heroic as it is dramatic, this novel offers a great adventure with the perfect mix of suspense and sensitivity. The sequel can't come soon enough!' 

Lanfeust Mag

After a year of civil war in the kingdom of Westalie, the rebels are brutally crushed during an attack on the capital. Their legendary leader, Darran Dahl, is killed in a fight with the king himself, and his supporters are thrown into the dungeons.
D’Arterac, a famous collector of legends with an uncanny ability to discern truth from fiction,...

Chronicles of the Feals


‘A mythos creator and a skilled storyteller, Gaborit introduces us to a fascinating universe and enriches it with his fertile imagination.’
Lanfeust Magazine

Hidden away in the heart of the Empire of the Claw, The Scarlet Tower is home to a mysterious religious order devoted to the most fabulous of creatures, the phoenixes. There initiates learn the secrets of the firebird; how to raise them from their ashes, and how to master their powers.
Januel is one of these initiates, and he’s both young and exceptionally talented. When the...

Close Encounters of a Funny Kind of Guy


Dating 2.0: realistic, touching, and hilarious!

Gérard has just been through a divorce. But he still dreams of love and the ideal woman. So where does one find a soul mate in these networked times?

An ingenuous fifty year old with a soft heart, but also a corrosive sense of humour, Gérard decides to try the dating websites. And soon realises that finding that special someone is not going to be...

Confessions of an Opium-Eating Automaton

Fabrice COLIN,Mathieu GABORIT

‘A manifesto for the steampunk movement. (…) Hectic action, written in an elegant modern style.’

Paris, 1899. The city is filled with flying machines and other technological marvels fuelled by æther, a mysterious source of phenomenal energy.

But the murder of a young woman, who falls from a hansom flying over the Garnier Opera Palace, disturbs the festivities for the Universal Exposition. The crime also involves an automaton, one of the new household machines that...

Contract with a bastard

Sara Agnès L.

Could sex without commitment offer them a second chance at love?

Amy has a gift for attracting bastards, and her love affairs have all ended up catastrophes. The last one, a fling with her married boss, cost her her job. Now single, the young woman swears she will never get involved with someone again, although she can give in to physical pleasure from time to time, like the night at the bar when she lets a rather forward man come on to...

Criminal Loft

Eight death row convicts have been chosen. Every week, live on TV, one of them must die.
The choice is yours.
Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Kentucky, is the scene of the most extreme reality TV show in history.
Eight convicted murderers are locked up there and will do anything to persuade millions of viewers that they deserve to live more than their companions in misfortune. Their fate will be determined by text messages.

Dangerous Game


Linda was ready for anything on this mission – except falling head over heels for the enemy!

Being a field operative for a private security company is no bed of roses! But Linda loves her job, far from the humdrum of everyday life.

During a solo mission in Paris, she meets a stranger on a café terrace while she’s staking out a building. Charmed by the man, she indulges in a night of passion in his arms. She certainly doesn’t expect to run into him...

Daughter of the Stones


The battle between Good and Evil and freedom in the face of destiny

Several centuries have passed since the great war of the magi, but the fortress of Jayad is still standing. Lord Arthak d’Althen and his children Tagan and Vallenn are in charge of this endless watch, but they are unaware that a traitor has made a deal with the demon king. During an evening banquet, Jayad undergoes a surprise attack from the army of demons. Arthak is defeated, but his...

Deadly Principles


An unforgettable psychological noir novel set deep in the French countryside

It is the summer of 1979. Eighteen-year-old Franck Servin flees the havoc of his family home to study for his high school diploma. He finds refuge with his uncle and aunt in their isolated farm in the Creuse region where, four years previously, his cousin and lookalike Paul was killed on a road he had travelled on countless times before.

The tragedy still eats away at the family....

Dust City


A fatal attraction between two men that everything opposes

In Dust City, might makes right.

Killian knows this only too well – his own brother, Damon, has risen to the top of one of the city’s most powerful clans. A life style that Kill is seeking to flee at all cost, which does not prevent him from experiencing a powerful fascination with Damon.

Abducted, Kill finds himself in the hands of Damon’s sworn...



'A cross between Dune and The Lord of the Rings, this is a triumph.’
Le Figaro

Within a few days, the dead will invade Elamia.
An army is being led from beyond the grave by the greatest wizard that the world has ever known. Nothing and nobody can stand in his way. Only one man is capable of organizing resistance and restoring hope, but he lost his memory long ago. He has even forgotten his own name.
But what if the key to victory lay within this...



There’s no smoke without fire…

Cassandra is the young daughter of a duke in a faraway kingdom. Since birth she has suffered from a mysterious affliction: whenever she has an emotion that is too intense, fire bursts forth from her skin and scorches everything she touches, including her mother or her own hair!
She’s obliged to spend almost every day immersed in water to avoid...



An apocalyptic thriller that will haunt your nights…

Arcames looks like a small, serene and picturesque village in the French countryside, but it might be the crucible of an apocalyptic cult preparing the unspeakable. People keep their mouths shut here, and outsiders are suspect.

When two police detectives are put in charge of investigating the disappearance of a young woman, all clues lead them to this place that appears to be...



‘Magali Ségura writes with a pen which is both poetic and powerful, keeping us bewitched by its spell’
Chroniques de l’imaginaire

In the Saltearth archipelago, a seed containing a gift is received from the gods every 500 years, and an individual is elected to decide how it will be used.
When several minor sorceresses are murdered, Naslie, a descendant of those endowed with the gift of Magic, flees from the Ancient One, whose menacing shadow she has sensed pursuing her over the years.
Her eight-year-old...

Extra Soul

A fast-paced thriller blending spirituality and action
After a motorbike accident, Thomas falls into a coma. Hovering between life and death, he revisits the events that led him there. And slowly realises he was a detestable guy: a horrible boss, a superficial lover, a contemptible husband and absent father…
Still, we learn to love him, because he could be any of us. At heart, we are all a bit like...

False Brother, Real Secret

Olivier GAY

Léa’s new adopted brother seems way too gifted to be only human… and to remain unnoticed

- formerly entitled THE BOY WHO RAN TOO FAST -

One night, Léa’s father tells her something that will change her life. A couple of friends have passed away, and their sixteen-year-old son, Mike, is coming to live with them. He will sleep in the bedroom next to hers, share her bathroom, and attend her high school!

Her father also asks Léa to let him know about any «strange» behavior... Now...

Fanged and Furious


‘With its funky dialogues and heroine in full fury, it’s a truly irresistible mix. THE Bit-lit novel you should read, definitely. A true delight’
Urban Lecture & Co

Maeve spends her time trying to control her hot temper and drowning her troubles, including a series of gory nightmares, in alcohol and in the arms of her numerous lovers.
When she meets Lukas, she feels an extraordinary attraction for him. That is... until he abducts her and reveals she is the secret daughter of a powerful centuries-old vampire against whom Lukas is seeking...


Charlotte BOUSQUET

Seduce a friend’s ex to avenge her? In theory, it’s just another role for Fanny, but she risks getting caught in her own trap…

After spending several years in New York where she started on an acting career, Fanny returns home to Paris in the hope of obtaining the role of her life. By chance she runs into her best friend from high school, who has just suffered a particularly painful breakup. To help her turn the page, Fanny agrees to set a trap for the man who broke her friend’s heart: she is supposed to...

For Better of for Worse

Suzanne ROY

An old flame, secret grudges: a story of second chances in sunny Spain

Jennifer is proud of her life in Montreal. She has a stimulating career and a boyfriend who pampers her, and she doesn’t need anything else – especially not her estranged husband!

Yet there Bruno is, eight years after the marvelous summer they spent on his property in Spain. They fell madly in love, got married, and then separated for reasons still unknown to him. Now...

Fortune Cookies

Silène EDGAR

From the general blackout to the media dictatorship, a hard-hitting, realistic and timely text, which will awaken the rebel inside you.

Brittany, tomorrow:

An electrical power outage plunges the small lives of Blanche and Hadrien into darkness, along with whole of Europe. A mysterious rumour filters through the radio waves: the government is concealing something going on in the south… Is it war? Their daughter is far away, on holiday in Spain. Hadrien decides to leave immediately in search of her, but...

Free as a Dream

When birthdates determine one’s place in society, radically different fates may await two sisters
At the end of the 21st century, the Birthdate law tells you which job you’ll get. If you’re born in January, you can have your dream job: actor, singer, anything is possible. Born in December you’re at the bottom of the barrel!
Minöa and Silnëi are twin sisters born several minutes apart the night of the 31st of December...


Yannick MONGET

Man had failed to respect for Nature.
Now there’s no reason for Nature to respect Man.

A mysterious epidemic is spreading across the planet. Soon millions will die. Contact has been lost already with remote regions of the Earth.
In these frightening circumstances Alexander Grant, head of Genetics, a New York biotechnology company, meets Anne Cendras, a prominent French biologist. She’s convinced a sudden and terrible change in the balance of the world’s...


Sébastien MORICARD

A game of quizzes and challenges that will put your geek culture to the test!

More than 700 questions & 130 exciting challenges!


Choose your specialty among six themes: Literature, TV Series, Cinema, Comics, Video Games, Manga

… and pool your skills with other players to rule the game and make your...

Genesia - The Crimson Chronicles

Alexandre MALAGOLI

An exciting and ambitious series from a superb writer

Evan, a young and lazy shepherd, wishes for adventure. Which, when he finds himself fleeing his home and family pursued by Inquisitors, suddenly doesn’t seem like such a good idea after all.
Caessia, the young princess, is also on the road. Having defied her father and escaped the palace to avoid an arranged marriage, fate decrees that she and Evan should meet up. And that the...

Good Intentions


A psychological noir novel brimming with emotion

Mati is nine years old. She has lost her mother. Her father is wallowing in grief and it is left to her grandmother to take care as best she can of what remains of the family. One day, Mati doesn’t come home from school. She has gone off with her “angel”, Rémi, a young man in his twenties who suffers from mild autism. Rémi works at the post office, where he...

Heaven Sent

Suzanne ROY

When an angel of death meets a doctor ready to do anything to save lives

For as long as she can remember, Elina has had only one mission, one reason for being: she appears at the bedside of the dying and guides the soul detached from its body to the door it must cross. She has no idea what awaits the human souls on the other side, and she has no desire to find out. She does not care much at all about them; after all, they had their time on Earth, and they should...

High Kingdom

Pierre PEVEL

With his Cardinal’s Blades trilogy, Pierre Pevel earned a ticket to the big league in fantasy. With the High Kingdom series, he proves his right to a permanent berth there’
Gold Star

The High Kingdom is facing its darkest hour. Its King has been weakened by illness and many are discontent with the Queen’s regency. As rebellion rumbles throughout the land, new threats are massing forces at the realm’s borders.

Desperate, the King decides to free Lorn, who has spent the past three years locked away on trumped-up charges in the citadel of Dalroth....



An action-packed tale of war, battle and dark prophecies

Audric is the ‘Demon’s Scourge’. The captain of the Serpent Horde owes his nickname to the jointed steel armband that allows him to wield a gigantic sword that no other living man can even lift. It is rumoured that he acquired this superhuman strength by means of some infernal pact.
Audric pays no heed to these rumours, just as he ignores the warnings of his...

I.F. Imaginary Friends

What if every child’s imaginary friend suddenly came to life?
Seven years ago, millions of weird creatures, the product of children’s imagination, materialised everywhere in the real world. Since then, twelve-year-old Elena has lived an entirely peaceful existence with her parents and her Imaginary Friend John, a stylish lion who quickly found his place in society.
But one day, just as...

In Eden's Own Words


One gay teenager’s long journey toward acceptance

It’s the last year of high school for Eden – the end of his stormy adolescence in a small town in the United States, where he’s stuck between a capricious mother and a wealthy but absent father.

His world has just been turned upside down by the death of another student, and by the distress of this student’s brother, which affects Eden deeply. While the...

Indie Games

Bounthavy SUVILAY

The history, artwork, and sound design of independent video games

Video games have grown exponentially in recent years and have captured the hearts of millions thanks to the success of titles such as Minecraft, Journey, Limbo, Terraria, or Firewatch. To compete with the blockbusters, the independents have had to be massively creative and come up with innovative gameplays, top-notch writing, original graphic universes, and sumptuous...

Infinite Chaos

Alfreda ENWY

She swore that she would never again let a man kiss her…

A terrible thing happened to Dylan when she was a teenager. Since then all her efforts have been focused on rebuilding her life. She moves to San Francisco hoping to finally get everything in order. She plans to continue her combat sports training, get a degree in management, and, above all, keep well away from menfolk.

For she has sworn that her lips will never again kiss...

Keep Calm & Love Me


What if all you need to find love is to keep calm?

Ever since Ben left her to become engaged to her own sister, Lina desperately wants to change her life. She decides to return to London, write her next novel and perhaps find her old flame, Jaimee…

But between her publisher urging her to write erotic romance, a genre she knows nothing about, and advances from her neighbour, Swann, a devilishly sexy Irishman who dreams of...

Largo Winch


‘The series with 11 million copies sold’
Le Figaro

Nerio Winch, chairman and managing director of the all-powerful Group W, dies in the middle of the night, driven to suicide when he’s framed for a crime he never committed. But just before his death he records a message for his adopted son, Largo, who has been kept a secret from his rivals.
Largo Winch, the sole, secret heir to Nerio’s ten billion dollar fortune, is a...

Leading Role


When she meets the two men of her dreams, the leading characters in a famous love triangle…

what choice will she make?

Professional dancer Thia is a passionate young woman. When she hears that a fan event has been organized around the release of a film based on her favorite book saga, she doesn’t think twice. Heading there with her best friends, she cannot imagine what awaits her. Through a fortunate set of circumstances, she has the chance to meet the actors, and notably, the handsome and mysterious...



A nail-biting thriller, based on both real historical events
and urban legends, that will capture the reader in its web

Is the hospital haunted?
A series of apparently motiveless murders has rocked the Hôtel-Dieu hospital in Nantes. Police captain Ael Guivarch, an obsessive perfectionist and a methodical rationalist, refuses to believe in a supernatural cause for the escalating violence, certain there must be a logical explanation. But his quest for truth risks endangering his deepest...



‘A revelation’
Le Monde

Leïlan is the Land of Illusions, a mysterious kingdom. These doomed lands, whose borders are closed, are spoken of with respect mingled with fear. A terrible tragedy has fallen upon the royal family. And ever since then, the people of Leïlan have been oppressed by Duke Korta, who is manipulating the king from the shadows behind the throne.
But Axel, a young messenger, has...

Life Lines

Samantha BAILLY

A dazzling novel about the joy of allowing trust and emotion to prevail

Gabrielle and Antoine have perhaps run into one another before, on a street corner, at the botanical gardens, or in a café. But nothing has destined them to meet. And yet, a simple anonymous letter is about to alter their fates… if they’re willing to gamble on a wild chance and pay heed to their feelings.
Gamble? Chance? The two of them are about to discover what...

Lucy’s Heart


A brash healer embroiled in a forbidden passion in the 19th century

Lucy Hadley has no time for the chattering of high society, while her healing talents have earned her the reputation of being a witch. Called to the bedside of the Earl of Lauderdale, who is seriously ill, she meets the nobleman’s best friend, Jack de Nerval, a mysterious duke who has sailed the seven seas in the service of Napoleon’s navy.

It’s the beginning of...


Jérôme CAMUT

‘An incredible thriller! Don’t miss this one, it’s brilliant!

Malhorne comes from the dawn of mankind. He’s crossed the borders of death, and lived countless lives throughout history. Now he’s going to reveal himself to the world.
When anthropologist Franklin Adamov discovers a statue hidden deep in the Amazonian forest he has no idea of the true extent of the mystery he has stumbled upon. The statue alone is a puzzle: dated to the...

Milan Blush

Working for a major European luxury cosmetics brand: the height of glamour? Maybe not...
Lisa is a 28-year-old Frenchwoman working in Milan for a luxury cosmetics brand. She’s totally devoted to her career and throws herself into developing a new range of beauty products.
She’s devastated when the promotion she so dearly wants goes to a rival, Gabriele Dante Visconti. Gabriele may have the name of an angel, but he also has the...

My Disastrous Holiday


A dream holiday in the country? Not if nature suddenly goes crazy!

Lea really does not like bugs. For good reason - whenever there’s a mosquito around it will always be her who gets stung. This year her holidays at her cousins’ house in the country are worse than ever because the wasps and all the other insects are now as big as golf balls!
She and her cousin Max soon discover that there are lots of other...


‘Johana Gustawsson has taken the thriller into a new dimension. Her subtle and surprising novels are the fruit of an immense talent.’
Karen Sullivan, Orenda Books
Torvsjön, 16 July 2015. The dismembered body of a woman, minus several pounds of flesh, is found on the shores of a Swedish lake.
London, the next morning. The profiler Emily Roy is called to a crime scene. The actress Julianne Bell has been abducted and her shoes have been found nearby, neatly wrapped in a freezer...

Necrophiliacs Anonymous


‘It’s been a very long time since my imagination got carried away like this’

The peaceful existence of Népomucène, funeral home director, is disturbed by a dangerous serial killer. Népomucène fears that he may be the next target. His devoted friend, Bob, a 150-year-old vampire, investigates the case, convinced that the murderer is not human. The undertaker grows increasingly worried as Bob takes more and more risks to protect...

Night’s Gold

Sara Agnès L.

If it were you, would you have answered that personal ad… ?

‘Generous man seeks free-spirited young woman to reside in his home. Must be beautiful, interesting, cultivated, 24-28 years in age, open to naughty games…’

That day, when looking through the newspaper for job offers, Victoria comes across this rather surprisins personal ad. Victoria is fully aware that she has nothing in common with the sort of women who...



The most important match of their career won’t be played on the pitch…

When you’re a professional footballer, it’s not easy to protect your private life, and even less to open about being gay.
Wade Perkins knows it only too well. Captain of the Manchester team and popular with the supporters, he’s been pretending to be a womanizer for years now. And what if that makes it impossible for him to find true...

Ogre on the run


Discover Paris in this frantic high-speed chase as a young girl searches for her heart

Jeanne is hospitalized for appendicitis when an ogre suddenly appears and steals her heart. But dying is out of the question! A musketeer and his talking cat appear at the right moment and lend her a dragon’s heart, but it will only work for a day.

In short, the young girl, accompanied by these strange companions, has only several hours to find her vital organ. A frantic...

Paris of Wonders

Pierre PEVEL

‘A stroll through a fascinating alternate Paris at the turn of the 20th century, but one in which mystery, magic, and murder lurk at every step.’

Welcome to Paris of Wonders, one of the gates between our universe and the OtherWorld ruled by the fairy queen. This could be Paris during the Belle Epoque, but when you look more closely, the Eiffel Tower is built of snow-white wood, mermaids bathe in the Seine, and flying cats roam the roofs of the city.

Louis Denizart Hippolyte Griffont is a gentleman wizard....

Pink Silk

Camille ADLER

In 19th-century Paris, a lady turns seamstress, and becomes mistress of her fate.

Rose de Saulnay, a quiet young woman belonging to the upper classes, has a passion for fashion which she expresses by creating superb dresses in secret. But her husband, a violent and possessive man, finds this pastime unworthy of her social rank and disapproves of her behaviour.

At a grand ball, she meets Alexander Wright, the French capital’s most renowned couturier. Her...

Positive Way


An unforgettable encounter between a withdrawn teenage girl and a young slacker musician

‘You lost your Mohawk somewhere,’ she remarked with a small pout.

It was at that precise moment he fell in love with her.

Alice had met him that evening, at one of his concerts at a pub in the centre of London, wearing her ever-present camera on a strap around her neck – it was her way of looking at the world.

He was up on...



"A masterpiece"

Le Monde

1965. Bogged down in Vietnam, the United States is also under fire on home soil in an unprecedented crisis marked by protests, riots, and an explosion of police violence. Twenty million African-Americans are harassed, discriminated against, and neglected on a daily basis.
After the assassination of Malcolm X, the black community is torn between hatred...



An explosive thriller that never lets up, in an intrigue
where terrifying enigmas and real-life facts intertwine

A radioactive body fallen from the sky triggers a series of events that will lead police lieutenant Inès Herrera into a dizzying spiral of death.
Pursued by sinister individuals prepared to do anything in order to make the irradiated corpse and any evidence of its existence disappear, she takes reference with the only person she can trust, her former boss in the criminal...


A very Parisian romantic comedy and an ode to hedonism à la française
Ilona Kowalsk is young and beautiful. It’s her job – she’s a model. She gets up early, does lots of sport, eats little, doesn’t drink, doesn’t go out. But that is no way to find a soul mate. She intimidates most men, and those she doesn’t scare away seem to only want to be seen strutting with her on their arm.


A scientific action thriller that tackles an alarming global health issue
Katelyn, a medical student, is working a summer job on a billionaire’s yacht when a deadly epidemic wipes out all the passengers. The killer bacteria, nicknamed adversus, is resistant to all known treatments.
Katelyn is somehow immune and is the sole survivor. She’s recruited and trained by the Anti-Bioterrorism Centre and is sent on a...

Return to River Falls


The return of the cult series!

It’s early summer and the small town of River Falls is the perfect base for lovers of nature. But when hikers discover the body of a young girl who has been killed in ritualistic fashion, fear grips the town’s inhabitants.

Mike Logan has just been appointed sheriff and the last thing he needs is another murder. Mike and his wife Jessica Hurley, an FBI profiler,...


Fabrice COLIN

‘Fabrice Colin is a master of French Fantasy. He is a spellbinding storyteller and his novels generate a delightful feeling of wonder.’
Le Monde

Barkhan’s tale is a tragic one. Born in the Land of the Thousand Canyons, Barkhan was orphaned when invaders – tall, merciless Senthaï warriors, clad in black steel – slaughtered his family. Found and raised by the emperor’s brother, in the great city of Dât-Lakhan, he ultimately sacrificed himself for the man who had saved his life. Sentenced to death for...

Saint Mary of the Shadows

Sophie DABAT

No one knows she’s the last hope of humanity.
And that suits her just fine.

For more than twenty years, the Shadows have haunted the world, devouring every living being within their reach. Except for one little girl, no one has ever survived their poison. But the girl became a laboratory rat subjected to cruel experiments, before her parents sacrifi ced themselves to save her.

After several years spent on the run from the government and fi ghting to...

Sascha’s Requiem

'Not to be missed! Action, suspense, a wickedly off-beat sense of humour, an appealing heroine and a breathtaking ending!'

Beneath the outward guise of a carefree young woman, Sascha conceals grave secrets. An orphan, she has no knowledge of her origins or how she came to have her strange power: she can possess people by mere touch, allowing her to change bodies. She makes use of this to earn a living and eliminate any vampires who cross her path, in the hope of one day finding those responsible for...

Satan is Just Another Man

And the Devil created hell.
Well, he created hell for others...
Adrian Sheffield is a virtuoso pianist considered a genius by many. Alas he is also a young man with quite a nasty character, whose biting and decidedly off-color sense of humour eventually leads to him getting fewer and fewer invitations to play concerts.
One day he receives a threatening letter and his agent decides to hire a bodyguard to protect...

Saving Paradise


‘Do you believe in Heaven?’

Faustine’s student life was thrown into turmoil the day her father’s laboratory was blown up. She is immediately given the same close protection that her father’s team gets, and is not indifferent to the charm of Nato, the bodyguard she is allocated.

Faustine is convinced she knows the identity of the man who is pursuing them, and whose goal appears to be the...

Scandalous Elisabeth

Éléonore FERNAYE
‘If you like beautiful stories, historical novels and plucky heroines,
Scandalous Elisabeth is the right book for you!’
Au fil d’Isa

Paris, 1778. Élisabeth d’Arsac is a ravishing young woman who turns the head of every man she meets. Attached to her freedom, she wants to experience love without the inconveniences of marriage.
She meets a dark, handsome stranger during a costumed ball and, between two dances, she indulges in an amorous interlude with him which awakens all sorts of new sensations...

Science-fiction Generation


The World’s greatest collection of cult objects from blockbuster movies

An incredible collection of cinema objects comparable both in numbers and value with George Lucas’s!

A major asset for communicating on Star Wars, with unpublished, previously unseen contents on cult movies.

An impressive...

So Far from Earth

Jean-Pierre ANDREVON

Three adventures in time and space from a master of French science fiction

In The Time of the Great Hunts, Roll and his clan of seemingly prehistoric (or perhaps post-apocalyptic) men encounter creatures who wear armor fly through the air in ominous steel birds. Soon these two evolutionary alternatives to present-day humanity clash. But which of them represents the more enviable state? And which is the more human?
In The War of the Gruuls, humanity has...

Soul of London

An investigation in the heart of 19th-century London
London, winter 1892. As he can now only walk with the help of a cane, Inspector Henry Wilkes has been reduced to tracking dog killers in the tunnels of the Underground. Billy Bennett, a street urchin, is his assistant.
When Alice Pickman, a young lady of good family, asks him to reopen the inquiry into the death of her sister, Wilkes unwittingly enters...

Sowing Death

Laurent MALOT

A thriller with highly contemporary themes set in the heart of rural France

In the heart of the Beauce region, a quadruple murder has shaken the town of Étampes. An unspeaking teenager, covered in blood, is found with a knife in his hand in front of the house of the victims. He is immediately interned in a psychiatric hospital. Has be been radicalised? Or was it simply a moment of madness? Media speculation feeds the townspeople’s...

Special Effects


“Pinteau is in awe of special effects, (…) he gives a thorough, insightful history that is never overblown and always intelligent”
Publishers Weekly

An expert
A privileged eyewitness of the evolution of special effects since 1985, Pascal Pinteau travels regularly to the United States, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, and Canada to meet the leading specialists in this field.

A complete work
This is the only work on this subject that allows one to discover the first...

Stolen Letters

Silène EDGAR

Under the Sun King, one teenage girl’s search for identity in the merciless world of nobility

Françoise is the daughter of the famous Marquise de Sévigné, whose thinking and prose have enchanted the French court. The young woman has been invited to her first dinner with nobles, where she must dazzle everyone with both her vivacity and beauty. Intimidated by the
idea of meeting Jean de la Fontaine and Madame de La Fayette, the young girl commits a faux...

Stolen Time


A journey between past and present, in search of a lost romance

Can a letter from a stranger change your life?

Flavie, author of romance novels and sentimental to the core, cannot help being won over when one day she receives a mysterious letter, along with an apology from the Post Office for the delay in delivery… of forty-three years!

So who is this Amélie and the anonymous man desperate to persuade her to give up...



‘A modern space opera with everything it takes to delight fans of the genre’

Over the millennia, humanity has spread to the Cluster, a group of stars located in a distant arm of our galaxy. But the humans and other intelligent races who settled here are threatened by a highly effective system of mind control, imposing a uniform society and crushing all dissent: Supremacy. One after another, by subtle ruse or brutal force, the independent worlds of the Cluster are...

T.I.M.E Stories

Christophe LAMBERT
The official novel of the best Science Fiction narrative game!
Year 2468. Spotted by a recruiter, Tess Haiden passed with flying colours the many tests required to join a highly-secretive organisation.
She is in for a shock: T.I.M.E Agency has been sending agents through time for several years. Thanks to considerable resources, they prevent anomalies and paradoxes by dispatching their agents to different eras and...



‘An essential SF novel full of action, suspense, secrets, ethics’
Daily Mag

For eight centuries, the planet Ta-Shima has remained isolated from the Federation of Human Worlds, and has been home to two very different but complementary human races: the Shiro, arrogant and bloodthirsty lords, ready to kill one another over matters of honour, and the Axis, thickset and hairy, imbued with a limitless admiration for the Shiro, who in return are compelled to protect them...

Tempting Nights


They had sworn never to fall in love, but that was before they spent the night together…

Adam is handsome, intelligent, wealthy, and terribly lonely. Heart-broken since his divorce with a famous actress, he refuses to maintain any prolonged relationships and contents himself with the services of escort girls to accompany him at society events. One evening, he meets a bewitching, independent young woman, nothing like his usual partners. After exchanging a few words with him, she...

That Which Binds Us

Samantha BAILLY

‘Original! Enthralling! Strange! Marvellous! Surprising…’
Autour des livres

Alice is no ordinary young woman. Upon the death of her grandmother, a year earlier, a gift came to her: the ability to see the emotional attachments of every person she meets. These bonds appear to her in the form of luminous threads, creating before her eyes a veritable web between people. Unable to explain the phenomenon, Alice learns to live with it in deepest...

The Book and the Sword

Antoine ROUAUD

The Fantasy novel that has conquered the world

Year 10 of the new Republic, in the remote port city of Masalia.
Dun-Cadal, once the greatest general of the Empire, has been drinking his life away for years. Betrayed by his friends and grief-stricken at the loss of his apprentice, he’s done with politics, with adventure, and with people. But people aren’t finished with him – not yet.
Viola is a young...

The Broken Balance


‘If Harry Potter were a French girl, he’d be Elie !
A novel you urgently need to discover !’


Elie has just lost both her parents in a car accident. Since then, her life has been falling apart. At home, her brother Karl had developed an absurd obsession for plastic ducks, while her Aunt Magalie is busy mass-producing badges. When the teenaged girl catches the two of them whispering together about a mysterious Order and magic spells, she starts to wonder whether she isn’t the...

The Cardinal's Blades

Pierre PEVEL

‘A stunning English-language debut with this breathless, swashbuckling tale of intrigue, spying, and swordfights. An adventure plot leaves plenty of room for character development, drama, and excitement.’
Publishers Weekly - starred review

Paris, 1633. The streets are filled with intrigue, duels, spies and adventure. The skies are filled with dragons. Dragonnets are exotic pets, wyverns are high-class riding mounts, and drac thugs are the coarsest of mercenaries.
But the power rising from Spain and its Court of Dragons is anything but mundane ; there the deadly Black Claw cult draws on dragons as they once were:...

The Château by the river


Two women, two eras, and one castle that will decide their destinies

Alexandra, a dynamic young business woman from California, has always been fascinated with France. She discovers that she herself has French roots when she comes across a photo of her ancestor Gabrielle D’Arcy, posing in front of the Château of Ferté-Chandeniers. She determines to find out everything there is to know about this woman who left her country for America a...

The Children of Evernight


‘The fluid writing, the twisted plot and the colourful characters propel us to an original and highly engaging universe!’


To escape from boarding school, on the eve of her thirteenth birthday Camille makes a wish before falling asleep: to never wake up again.

When she re-opens her eyes, she discovers her wish has come true. For here she is, in Evernight, the world of dreams. Wandering in this strange universe, she meets odd characters who lead her to the reverse city, where she must find the...

The Complete Novels


A unique collection gathering the major works of a highly acclaimed author

Ranging from pure science fiction to space opera and fantasy, Julia Verlanger’s bitterly beautiful novels rank among the best works from France’s «Anticipation» brand of fantastic fiction that emerged after World War II.
Verlanger creates fascinating post-apocalyptic worlds and depicts lands ravaged by bacteriological warfare
– strangely...

The Day When…


All the adults are asleep…
let the party begin!

One day, all the adults on Earth fall one after another into a mysterious coma… Children and teenagers suddenly find themselves left to their own devices.

Léo and Marie, two sixteen-year-old high school students, assemble their friends to try and save as many babies and small children as possible and distribute food to the neighbourhood kids. Within this group of...

The Dead Girls Club


‘Ill-used girls get revenge.These books are dark jewels.’
L’Ecran Fantastique

Stand back, good people, as The Dead Girls Club opens its doors. On the menu this evening: fresh blood, violent shivers, dark fears and sleepless nights. Welcome to the horror of fairy tales that turn out for the worse, welcome to contemporary tales in which children take revenge on adults with a frighteningly cruel innocence, welcome to novellas about broken childhoods the survivors of...

The Devil’s Compassion


What if having compassion for the devil were enough to ensure your survival?

1963. A suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. Blake has tried to escape solitude, but it always caught up with him. The only way to beat it was to keep the flesh of his victims with him, in him, forever. A series of unsolved murders is rooted in horror.
1981. Cleveland homicide police officers Freddy Lawrence and Victoria Fletcher are on the case after human...

The Dragons of the Red City


“I thought Fantasy was an Anglo-Saxon monopoly, until I read Erik Wietzel. It feels good to be proved wrong sometimes. This is the best Fantasy story I’ve read in a long time.”
Maxime Chattam

The son of the queen of Redfelt has been abducted. The ransom is the city’s magical sword, in which it is rumoured that the souls of dragons sleep. But the queen’s emissaries have vanished, along with the weapon they were to deliver to the kidnappers.
The queen therefore summons Alec, a bounty hunter, and formerly her lover when he was a young officer in the service of...

The Emperor’s Hand

Olivier GAY

From common gladiator to the Emperor’s living weapon, the cruel destiny of Rekk the Butcher

Rekk’s childhood was not easy, and the rest of his life won’t be, either. Gladiator then soldier in the imperial army, he is spotted by the Emperor in the infernal mire of the Kushite jungles. He becomes the Emperor’s agent to defeat the hordes of barbarians, then the armed wing for all the Empire’s dirty work.
Little by little, Rekk evolves into a hated and...

The Eye of the Gods


‘Likeable characters draw the reader into an adventure that sees them make the transition from childhood to adolescence. Intriguing and enjoyable, an excellent reading experience.’
Lanfeust Magazine

Twenty-nine children live in the Bubble.
Split over five levels – and into three rival groups – with no adults and no contact from the outside world, they have everything they need: food, power, shelter and company. But it’s not going to last.
The first sign comes when the food dispensers fail. Mina of the Wolves forges an alliance with Alec, leader of the...

The Eyes

Slimane-Baptiste BERHOUN

A Lovecraftian horror thriller set in an isolated asylum in the French countryside

In the 1950s, a psychiatric hospital in a windswept place deep in the countryside fuels countless rumours among residents of nearby villages. When the mutilated body of a...

The House


‘ Two hours of reading engraved in your memory for life.’
France Inter

The House
In a white dress, bouquet in hand, Martine knows that she will never love Jean, the sad and violent man she has just married. But inside her, a seed is germinating. This seed is her decision. For years she will endure her daily existence and raise their child. But silently, boldly, and persistently, she will be planning her escape.

The Dress
It has...

The Ice Swords

Olivier GAY

Déria is the daughter of a northern lord, sent to finish her education at the court of the Emperor where her charm, just as devastating as her sword, leaves no one indifferent. But Déria prefers the company of her young maid Shani and the soldier Mahlin to that of the nobles at the court.

The news of her assassination comes as a brutal blow to her friends, who swear...

The Illusions of Sav-Loar


The end of the war between magicians could come from a slave girl discovering her powers

In the kingdom of Shadow, the women who possess the gift are persecuted by men from the Closed, the patriarchal religious order. For centuries now these women have taken refuge in the legendary Sav-Loar, a city at the heart of the Forest of Dreams protected by spells and illusions.

When Blue becomes a teenager, she discovers her powers and joins forces with a group of slaves...

The King of Tackling


He’s a professional sportsman, weighing 222 pds.
Will he resist her shy 5’1?

Romain is the kind of rugby player they just don’t make anymore, and he knows it. He is also the kind of man they don’t make anymore, but he’s really not aware of it.

In his wild youth, he earned a reputation for being a hard hitter: “The King of tackling” is his middle name. He’s a legend of the sport, yet not one to pose for calendars or go...

The Legacy of the Crosser-Kings


A meeting of two young women whose linked destinies will change the history of their worlds

Shadow, a medieval universe full of magic, and Shore, the present-day world as we know it, are two distorted reflections of a single reality. A strange phenomenon joins them: that of the Dark Portraits. Every person in our world is linked to a person in Shadow, born on the same day. When one dies, the other cannot survive for longer than a lunar month.
But some individuals...

The Legend of the Demon Slayers


‘Full of action, suspense and mystery, and set in a world dominated by magic’

‘It was eleven o’clock when they asked Malïn to kill himself. They left him in his princely suite with a dagger, a bowl of spiced wine sweetened with honey, and a vial of poison. He was fourteen years old.’
Yet Malin is not alone in his plight. The entire royal palace had been struck by a terrible illness causing madness, and then death. Malin is infected and...

The Lord of Crystal

Alexandre MALAGOLI

‘With a twisted sense of humour and a light tone, this is a great book, well-paced and with an original idea, which provides hours of pleasure.’
Lanfeust Magazine

One morning the young emperor Odrien wakes up to find his people gone. Everyone, throughout the entire kingdom, has disappeared. Or almost everyone. There are three others, mysteriously left behind: a pick-pocket, a Wise-One, and the captain of the Imperial Guard. Odrien must bring them together to help him.
The answers lie in the mirror: they must travel through it, into the...

The Magic of Paris

Olivier GAY

A swirling contemporary YA fantasy trilogy

Six foot tall, Chloé can beat anyone at fencing. But when she saves her classmate Thomas from the claws of a strange creature, her life is turned upside down. She is badly wounded and passes out. But when she wakes up she is even stronger and faster than ever!
Thomas reveals that he has magic powers and that in order to save Chloé he had...

The Morgenstern Trilogy


Welcome to a futuristic universe where replicas of old cities are pleasure grounds for tourists… and murderers

Nineteenth-century London: Mary Graham is found murdered in a dark alley in Whitechapel. It appears that Jack the Ripper has returned. However, this London is a crimefree ‘virtual city’, a theme park re-created to attract tourists.
Roberta Morgenstern, a qualified witch, and her assistant Clement Martineau, fresh out of the police academy,...

The Mysteries of Saint Petersburg

Christian VILA

A remarkable and intriguing novel, halfway between Fantasy and historical novel.

An old dying woman entrusts Efim Stoïkov, a young Siberian shaman, with the task of looking after a mysterious creature, which shows him the way to the Purple Land, the world of spirits. Surviving the first ordeals of his apprenticeship as a shaman, he emigrates to Saint-Petersburg.
Political conspiracies and sorcerers’ fights are common things in the brothels and palaces...

The Opera Macabre


‘With their historical edge and European setting, these vampire chronicles offer an alternative to the US writers who dominate the genre’

Flamenco Red
It was 1840, in a back-street Algiers brothel, when Carmilla became a vampire. A superb flamenco dancer and a strong, passionate, vibrant woman, she believes in progress and soon finds herself at war with powerful and ancient vampires who are strongly attached to their black magic, mystical rites and ancient ways… 
read more

The Perfect Scenario

Camille ADLER

What if you could instantly write your life as it goes along?

Lily dreams only of romance, but goes from break-up to break-up. One evening, she meets her favourite screenwriter at a party, and she gives Lily her pen, claiming it’s ‘magic’. It supposedly has the power to change any unpleasant situation into a scene straight out of a romantic comedy.
Lily then decides to make use of this gift to seduce her boss,...

The Pirates of the Crooked Claw

Jean-Sébastien GUILLERMOU

An extraordinary, One Piece-like pirate adventure

When Caboche, having fled the military orphanage, goes off in search of his father, he certainly never expected to meet the company of the Crooked Claw, and still less to find himself aboard their ship! Led by a disillusioned captain called Bretelle and renowned for never having successfully boarded another ship, the crew looks more like a circus troupe than a band of...

The Rangers’ Code


The essential guide for every budding adventurer with a passion for the wild

A book that entertains and educates both young and old about the fragile ecological balance of Africa’s flora and fauna. It offers advice on how to preserve nature reserves and provides a guide on how to survive in the savannah. All this plus a wealth of information on wild animals.
Monkeys, birds, large mammals or tiny insects – you will...

The Reluctant Witch

Méropée MALO
Imagine the TV show Charmed set in a French seaside village…
Assia, nineteen years old and her high school diploma in hand, heads for home after too many years spent in a boarding school. Alas, she learns that her mother and her aunt have been killed in a car accident.
Now all alone in the world, she discovers she is the heiress of a long line of witches. She must learn to master her magic powers with only an...

The Seven Cities

Pierre PEVEL

The flamboyant destiny of an elusive thief inSamarande, city of corruption and violence

Of the Seven Cities, province of the High Kingdom, Samarande is the largest, most famous, and above all, most dangerous.

It is in this violent and corrupt world that Iryän Shaän practices his profession : that of a thief. After getting his hands on a precious tiara, he is then robbed of the jewels that adorn it, and he must find the guilty party and overcome his...

The Seventh Warrior-Mage


‘Fast-flowing, spectacular and entertaining fantasy. A honey-trap for readers, impossible to put down’
Librairie Mollat

Jal is not only a thief, but also a deserter. Pursued by his former fellow soldiers, he escapes death by a hair.

He is rescued by a woman who asks in exchange that he swear to defend her village against the conquering army he has just betrayed. An army led by the most powerful of the warrior-mages.

Although at first Jal has no intention of honouring his promise, the...

The Shadow of our Secrets

Brokeback Mountain in Nazi-occupied France, between a Resistance fighter and a German officer
Vermont, US: Julien, in his nineties and aware he is in the twilight of his life, decides to finally share his past with his family.
Bordeaux region, France, 1941: Nineteen-year-old Julien lives on the family farm which the occupying Germans use to lodge officers. He and his friends start helping local families fallen on hard times...

The Sighs Counter

Olivier PIAT

A two-sided novel: at last, a story told from both sides!

A man, a woman, an impossible love story. Their relationship is first of all two points of view, each with its own version of events. Heads for hers, tails for his. From the terrace of a Parisian café, he observes her while she notices him, and soon, their eyes do more than meet; they seek one another out. He’s married and the father of two children. She has just left her...

The Skeleton King


The dead obey his commands…
Nothing withstands his anger

Condemned to a life as pariahs, Junia, a young woman of gigantic size, and Shaghan, a boy lacking legs, are the favourite slaves of a blacksmith-mage. A spell permits them to endure the infernal heat of a forge built on top of a volcano, the trade-off being a fatal vulnerability to cold preventing any chance of their escape.

Their survival ensured solely by a potion possessed by...

The Twilight Realms


‘Young, gritty author Mathieu Gaborit ranks with Anglo-Saxon masters’

There’s a secret place known as the Dying Day, where legends spring to life. Hidden beneath the eternal shadow of a gigantic tree, the Dying Day is a school where blade masters and magicians instruct their students in the mystical rites of a strange and dark power.

Within the mysterious boundaries of the school walls, Agone, son of the deceased Baron de Rochronde, faces...

The Undeniable Charm of a Heart-Stealer

Swept into a troubled love triangle, he cannot accept his hidden desires… yet.
Cael Morgan, a successful lawyer in his thirties, has everything he needs to be happy. At least that’s what he believes when he returns from the wedding of his childhood friend –a friend he’s always had confused feelings about.
When he gets home, Cael is very surprised to find a stranger calmly taking a shower in his bathroom. To his...

The Vampire of Bacalan


Two teenagers investigate their origins through the memories of a mysterious stranger

Cornelia and Niko, two sixteen-year-old twins, see their lives turned upside down during a concert by the harbor. Cornelia hears a mysterious voice with an English accent and follows it. She becomes lost in the labyrinth of the naval base and almost drowns, but is narrowly saved by an enormous dog.

The dog later reappears during their jaunts around town. A crow seems to be...

The Visitor from the Future

Slimane-Baptiste BERHOUN,François DESCRAQUES
“A real phenomenon.”
Le Monde

In 2550, the Earth has been ravaged by a series of disasters that may well spell the end for humanity. Acid rains and zombie attacks are the daily lot of the last remaining survivors.

Among them is the Visitor, who has taken on the mission of cancelling these catastrophes. Helped by a wacky scientific robot, he goes back in time to the 21st century in an attempt to...

The Waldgänger


In a world in crisis, one man can change everything…
But he needs to give a damn.

Yumington: the city with a thousand tales. Plunge into its sordid depths, and you may never come back out…

And what if an ordinary man gains limitless powers in a society wracked by social, economic and political crises?

And what if this man had the ability to change everything?

And what if this man could not care less?

Blake thought...

The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow

The official novel of the worldwide bestselling mystery game
In the village of Millers Hollow, the summer of 1846 is coming to an end and all seems well. But one night, Lune and her friends hear the mysterious call of the Red Moon and they follow a black wolf to an abandoned trunk, where they find wolf masks and a strange poem that speaks of revenge.
Something awakens in them and the teenagers swear they will...

The White Abbey

Laurent MALOT

A skillful political thriller where private lies and state secrets become entangled

Lieutenant Gange is raising his six-year-old daughter on his own in a mountain village in the Jura. His wife left a few months ago without saying why and they haven’t heard from her since.

When two murders occur in the same week in this remote community where «nothing ever happens», Gange becomes embroiled in an explosive investigation. Little by little, all...

The Wolves of Riverdance


A forbidden love and an age-old war, in which it could be the key issue at stake…

Lucas travels across the United States, without daring to stay long in any one place. The young man knows he’s being hunted and fears he will not survive if the shadowy forces on his trail ever catch up with him.
Upon arriving in the small town of North Cascades, Lucas finds a job, an apartment, and even a friend: Léo. But the shadows, embodied by his half-brother,...



A moving coming-of-age novel about youth and finding one’s place in the world

Alice can no longer bear to live alone with her father, who has been stuck under a little cloud of sadness ever since the departure of his wife. Her gift of being able to hear people’s thoughts makes daily life even more of a burden. The time has come for her to leave, to live.
She moves into a Paris apartment with Fred, her best friend, and...


Pigalle, the famed bohemian district of Paris, and the perfect setting for a crime
This is the Pigalle of legend, a disappeared Paris peopled by artists, bourgeois, lowlife, and whores.
One morning as he sets out to buy his daily croissant, old Antoine spots a set of drawers dumped on the sidewalk. In one drawer is a tiny baby. Immediately the entire neighborhood swings into action to look after the abandoned...


Pierre PEVEL

‘An absolute gem of a book, whose author must be one of the most gifted in this genre’
Le Monde

Germany under the Holy Roman Empire is set ablaze by the Thirty Years War. After completing a sensitive mission for the Order of the Templars, Kantz, an exorcist knight who has been initiated to the arcane secrets of the Kabbalah, returns to Wielstadt. Although the city is protected by a mysterious dragon, Kantz is charged with tracking down an elusive pack of ghouls.
As the war...

Wild Heart


He wants to love this boy, but first he must learn to forgive himself

Are you angry, Gabriel?

This was the question Dr Grant asked him at every session over the three years he’d spent in the correctional centre. Of course he was angry. He’d always been angry. He’d been most angry at high school when he saw Vicky, the smiling boy who seemed to look at him in a funny way. One day Gabriel...

With You


Love in the midst of horror

At the age of fourteen, the lives of Reagan and Vic become inextricably entwined. They were kidnapped and sequestered for four of their teenage years. They endured the most awful abuse, but despite their suffering, they loved each other. When their captivity finally came to an end, life and the conservatism of their parents conspired to separate...



‘Wonderful, the word that qualifies the best this novel’
Le Monde

The end of the world is coming. Tomorrow. So for those of us with things still to do, the clock is ticking. The pale moon is beginning to wane, threatening men in black are kidnapping people, and dark plots are growing as, with the final deadline approaching, spies start working harder than ever.
Yet some things stay the same. At Blue FM the DJ plays music and talks to his...

You & I

Will she find redemption while chasing tornadoes?
When Alyssa Grant, a student of climatology, loses her brother Ben, she decides to drop everything and head for Tornado Alley. Her goal? Improving the tornado warning system, a project she had begun with her brother and his best friend Wyatt. But she is cruelly lacking in funds.
Then the enigmatic Ethan, a journalism student, offers her a deal: he will...