What if every child’s imaginary friend suddenly came to life?
I.F. Imaginary Friends
I.F. Imaginary Friends
(A.I. Amis Imaginaires)



Seven years ago, millions of weird creatures, the product of children’s imagination, materialised everywhere in the real world. Since then, twelve-year-old Elena has lived an entirely peaceful existence with her parents and her Imaginary Friend John, a stylish lion who quickly found his place in society.
But one day, just as mysteriously as the IFs appeared, hordes of children start to disappear. When will it be Elena’s turn? The countdown begins. She and John decide to investigate, and they must work quickly.
Using all sorts of gadgets and travelling around the world, they will confront villains straight out of their worst nightmares. But they’ll soon discover that the whole scheme has been concocted by a gang of IFs who were rejected by humans when they first appeared...

Key points

• An ode to imagination full of wacky figures: a pink panda, a colourful pop singer, a dandy lion...
• An effective action novel with many plot twists and humour
• An inventive and original tale, Toy Story meets Inside Out
45 000 words